All those who own a boat are looking for relaxation, good life, the sound of the waves and a feeling of fullness and immensity. To obtain all this comfort, you must have the necessary nautical accessories for your boat so that you have everything you want at hand. This equipment must be specific to the boats, so you will have all the comfort, but with the necessary safety, and that you will enjoy to the maximum.

Nautical locks

Just as locks, doors and handles are essential in the home, having the right marine locks on the boat is absolutely essential to ensure the necessary security and privacy. Boat locks can be used for an infinite number of things, from locking doors to briefcases, rooms, lockers, cabinets and more.

Locks, hinges and all related components must be specific to the boat as they are made of reinforced materials that can survive in sea conditions where sea air and water are very harmful. All the bars of the sea can be found at, the largest online store in Europe. It has a catalog of more than 60,000 products available to all those who visit the site. All in nautical furniture

In the marine locks section, for example, there is a marine lock with a 158×87 mm key, ideal for doors. The 30 mm chromed cylinder with marine lock is very strong and has the following dimensions: 98x58x15.

Other door accessories

At you can order everything and if you are in Spain or Portugal, the shipments will arrive at your door, they will only cost 4 euros, regardless of the size or weight of the package. They also have a guarantee of up to 2 years on all their products.

You can also find the FIT4SEA marine magnetic door holder, Dim mm. A = B = 34, C = 19, D = 20, E = 46N. 4 screws 4,2 x 19s.s. A2. Or other items such as a pair of 133 mm polished brass handles.

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